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Enthusiasm can get you far

If you’re in a job interview, the number one most important thing to remember is to be enthusiastic! It seems so simple but people often forget. A characteristic of the modern world is that people are generally too afraid to show that they want something, for fear of not getting it. But think of it from an employer’s perspective: they’re gonna hire the person who really wants the job (as long as they’re qualified of course - and if you’ve been invited to interview, you probably are qualified). 

So you should be jumping out of your chair with excitement as you talk about your ideas for the company or how your skills fit the job profile. Sometimes the pinch might be simply to say, "I really want to be here."

Other important things to remember at an interview:

  • recall recent examples when talking about your skills
  • always follow up within a couple of hours of interviewing

I’ve done a lot of interviews in my life and am unabashed to say I usually succeed!

"Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic. ” - Dale Carnegie

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